July 28, 2011

Big Shot Hints

Was just reading through some papers and came across a couple of interesting hints for the Big Shot.

1. Flip and rotate your cutting mats so that you get even wear on them Not flipping and rotating can cause your cutting mats to buckle and eventually break. (and a number of us have seen this happen, haven't we!!!!)
2. When using Bigz dies and multiple sheets of cardstock, use the crease pad plus two plastic pieces of shim. The shim does make a difference.
3. Use your dies to create a stencil from acetate. Leave plenty of room around the image, then place it over your cardstock and sponge away. A great way to create backgrounds.

Thanks heaps Angela!
Hope these hints can be of help to you. If you'd like to ask any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

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