February 10, 2013

We're Home!

Hello everyone,

We arrived home safe and sound from our month long holiday to Thailand and Vietnam. What an amazing experience it was; from the delicious food to the sights and smells of these countries. It's now time to go through our 2004 photos (nearly had heart attack when I realised the amount we'd taken)!! and place them in some sort of order and hopefully begin a scrapbook of our travels.

I am so looking forward to catching up with our friends and all my lovely ladies who attend classes, technique days and just come along for a chat and coffee. Oh, it's so nice to drink 'real' coffee again!

Hubby returns to work tomorrow so I will be sending out a newsletter to all my lovelies regarding class and technique dates.

A lot of you know I just adore 'moth' orchids. Will you look at this arrangement! We could have brought home so many of these beauties, but Customs may have had something to say about it. Now I'd definitely know if that was missing from my front patio ladies!!


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